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  • Schedule  Instagram Feeds
  • Schedule Instagram Stories 


Schedule posts


Schedule video posts


  • Schedule Twitter Posts and Threads


Schedule posts


Schedule posts 

Google My Business

Schedule posts


  • Schedule posts to Facebook Groups
  • Schedule posts to Facebook Pages

Collaborate with Teams and Clients.

Work with your teams and Clients to Plan, Approve and Schedule Social Media Content 10x Faster.

Private, Secure Workspaces.

✔️Dedicated Workspaces for your brands and clients.

✔️Your team can review and approve posts

✔️Clients can review and approve posts

✔️Role-based approval process

✔️Workflow notifications

“Simply Amazing”

Managing our social media content was quite a handful before we discovered Postly. Postly has made our life exciting! We now plan, review, approve and schedule all under a couple of hours. Something that took us days on end.

Johnson Emeka


Spend less time posting content.

Postly takes away the stress of managing content, making you more productive.

“Postly rocks”

Now I get to plan up to a year’s content in a matter of hours. I have ample free time for other important stuff. Thank you POSTLY!!

Edith Smithson

Marketing Director, MindrayTech

One-click publishing.

Write once, publish on all the popular platforms.

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Growing and engaging our social media platforms was a major headache prior to discovering Postly. But now, we have blown, literally speaking!

Wan Clement

Co-Founder, Delivernownow

A Free Content Planner just for you!


Planning your content made-easy!

✔️Save time.
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Analytics Dashboard.

Monitor your performance.

Make informed business decisions.

✔️Get insights needed to make the right business decisions.
✔️Single View Dashboard.
✔️Post and Profile Analytics as well as Trends reporting.

Manage media assets and Notifications.

Postly takes away the stress of managing content, making you more productive.

The best tools to make the task easy.

✔️Google Drive